Meet Our Staff

Zulema Olazabal

Zulema Olazabal, Gym Manager & Class Instructor


Zulema began her career in fitness in 2010 and has since become an AFAA Certified Fitness Professional. She is currently obtaining her ACE Personal Trainer certificate making it her 10th fitness certification! She teaches 6 classes a week at The Gym and is excited to fulfill her role as Gym Manager. Zulema displays a passion and endless energy for helping people of all ages feel successful in each class and at the gym. Her enthusiasm and contagious spirit bring to The Gym a new energy. She is a proud mother of a 14 year old young man and volunteers regularly at Santa Fe Care Center. “There is something to learn from everyone, and something to give to everyone. Humility is opening yourself up to this idea and then hold on tight because inspiration and knowledge will come full force.”


Tanya Hale

Tania Hale


I first moved to New Mexico at the young age of seventeen.  I was blessed to experience life living on a reservation in Mesita and it changed my perspective on life.  I fell in love with the mesas, sun and sky of the high desert, but was still too young to settle down here.  I moved to Denver with my husband and after having a successful career in the hospitality industry for ten years, I realized that I wanted to really slow down and appreciate and enjoy my life and family. After living in downtown Denver, we moved to Santa Fe to be closer to family.  We have been here for about five years and I couldn’t be happier!  I love working at the Gym at Eldorado and have been part of the staff for nearly four years.  I enjoy getting to know everyone and seem to learn something new every shift.  Our clients are a true inspiration to me!


Morayah Cohen



I immigrated from Germany at age 17, many years ago. After learning English, earning my High School Diploma, I went to Secretarial School, worked for a lawyer a couple of years in NYC. Than marriage, three boys, divorce and Nursing School. I retired as a Critical Care RN in 1998 after 28 years of working with critical patients in Ithaca, NY and Santa Fe. After retiring, I studied tin work at SF Community College and with Michael Griego, a well-known tinsmith. I have been working out at the Gym since the Gym opened and working at the desk on and off for a number of years.


Margot Wolters

Morayah Cohen, Santa Fe trainer, Gym at Eldorado


Morayah is a Personal Trainer and a Creative Artist. Her background as an all-round athlete and competing bodybuilder brought her to pursue a career as a personal trainer. For the last 35 years, her goal has been to inspire, motivate and instruct people in learning their own ways and skills in the gym environment. She has worked with both youths and seniors, athletes, and all in between. Exercise begins with willingness!



Henry Waters

Henry moved to Santa Fe in 2014 from California, where he lived the last 30 years overlooking the beach in Venice.  No, he did not skate in a bikini!  His background is in Nursing Education.  He retired as Professor Emeritus in 1986. Henry has been a member of the gym since day one and staff member for 8 years (more or less).


Erin Larsen

Erin and her husband have been living in Eldorado since January 2016. They recently moved back from Chile to Erin’s hometown of Akron, Ohio before she decided to finish her Master’s in Art Therapy and Counseling in Santa Fe at Southwestern College.  After graduation, Erin hopes to use her bilingual skills working with the refugee and immigrant population. Erin has enjoyed exploring Santa Fe and surrounding areas. In her free time she loves playing with her two 5 year-old rescues from Chile, Isidora and Lucy. Erin is really excited to be working at the Gym, “Everyone is so friendly and it is a great working environment!”


Aaron Moskowitz

Aaron Moskowitz, fitness trainer in Santa FeAaron has been interested in health and wellness for most of his life. He was a yogi for several years and now focusses on strength training in the gym and hiking the beautiful mountain trails that surround us. He is a visual artist working with resin and mixed media collage, as well as founding a new business called ArtBank, a growing community-based art movement here in Santa Fe.